course overview

Home inspectors are required, both verbally and in writing, to describe the inspection process and communicate inspection findings to the client. It is important that home inspectors communicate clearly and effectively to ensure that clients understand the inspection results and the report.

In this course, students develop their oral and written communication skills, and learn the reporting requirements and proper conduct for a professional home inspector.

Study Sessions are included to help you make your way through the material and Quick Quizzes will help you check your progress.

Illustration showing the skills home inspectors need to communicate
A simple model of the communication process — This illustration shows the skills required by a home inspector broken down into basic elements. It is from our Communication & Professional Practice Course, Verbal Communication Chapter. All of our 10 courses are richly illustrated.

course outline

  • Communication
    • Verbal
    • Report writing
    • Risk management, resolving complaints
  • Professional Practice
    • Standards
    • Best practices
    • Vehicles, clothes, tools, client types
    • Inspection process
    • Real estate transaction

Course duration

  • 18 hours

Learning assessments

  • One midterm and one final exam – online
  • 70% passing grade overall


  • $2995 for the full program (all 10 courses)
    • Includes all learning materials, tests, exams, tutor support and ongoing postgraduate support

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