Course overview

This Electrical Course starts with a description of house electricity and develops an understanding of the basics. The Course moves on to address getting electricity into the house and distributing it safely to its end-use points including switches, lights and receptacles.

The Course is designed to provide people who do not have an electrical background with the skills necessary to perform the electrical part of a professional home inspection.

An illustration that shows how to properly wire a receptacle
Electrical Course – Color coding for typical 120 volt circuit — This illustration shows how to properly wire a receptacle. It is from our Electrical Course, Basics of Electricity Chapter. All of our 10 Courses contain easy-to-understand illustrations that help you understand the subject.

course outline

  • Service Drop
    • Service entrance wires, service size
  • Service Box
    • Service equipment or service panel
    • System grounding
  • Distribution System
    • Distribution panel, branch circuit wiring, lights, outlets, switches, junction boxes

Course duration

  • 27 hours

Learning assessments

  • One midterm and one final exam — online
  • 70% passing grade overall


  • $2995 for the full program (all 10 courses)
    • Includes all learning materials, tests, exams, tutor support and ongoing postgraduate support
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