Course overview

The Heating I Course provides an introduction to residential heating systems, starting with a description of various fuels. The Course then focuses on the different types of furnaces and boilers. Students will get detailed instructions on operational tests, common failure modes and life expectancies of various systems are covered.

Within each section are several Study Sessions to guide you through the material. The Quick Quizzes will help you check your progress.

Illustration showing a two-pipe system with pipes going from the boiler throughout the house.
Two-pipe system — direct returnThis illustration shows a two-pipe system with pipes going from the boiler throughout the house and is one of the three basic types of piping systems covered in the course. It is from our Heating I Course, Distribution Chapter. All of our 10 Courses contain easy-to-understand illustrations that help you understand the subject.

course outline

  • Furnaces — Gas, Oil
    • Meter, piping, tank, combustion air, burner, heat exchanger, controls, thermostat, venting system
    • Distribution systems — ductwork, registers, grills, filter, air cleaner, humidifier, radiant heating system
    • Furnaces — conventional, mid-efficiency, high efficiency/condensing
    • Combination heating systems
  • Hot Water Boilers
    • Heat exchangers, controls, distribution systems, combination systems, mid- and high-efficiency boilers

Course duration

  • 39 hours

Learning assessments

  • One midterm and one final exam — online
  • 70% passing grade overall


  • $2995 for the full Program (all 10 Courses)
    • Includes all learning materials, tests, exams, tutor support and ongoing postgraduate support

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