Success Stories — Andrew McCarthy

Why you did you select the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program?

I was referred by a friend who is a real estate agent. I also asked a few other realtors and found out it was the preferred program in the industry.

Did you undertake the Program through our online learning format or in a classroom setting?

I took it using the online format. It was flexible and allowed me to learn at my own pace. After long days in the field and after work, I could study between 10pm and 1am — I know that’s not everyone’s schedule, but it was what I needed, and the online Program let me do that.

What advice would you give to students who are currently enrolled in the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program?

Utilize the facilitators via email and phone. David Frost provided great support and invaluable information. He never made me feel stupid. To this day I still communicate with him and Tom Woolley.

What advice would you give to new students considering entering the home inspection profession?

The Course is very comprehensive and intense, you have to stick to your schedule. The Field Training, although it does come at a price, is very beneficial. I really think the biggest thing is that you have to want to succeed and be passionate about homes.

Would you recommend the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Program to others?

I already have; a friend of mine is taking the Course right now! The content, video and testing were very well laid out and kept my interest throughout the program (even late into the evening, after a full day’s work). The Program was clear, concise and simple to understand.

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